Working Girl!

Move over Kate, Gisele, Heidi, Naomi and co! There is a new face in town!

Mommy was told by friends who have an events/advertising company that I am so darn cute and funny that she should sign me up in a ‘people’s’ agency. No need to tell my mama that twice cause off we raced to the people agency! And race we did. We were running a little late as mommy made me look my best, fed me and on the way out, oh-uuuuh… poopoo!

So as we were fast walking down the street another lady pushing a really big different looking buggy was blocking the way. I saw that mommy was getting annoyed rather quickly as the lady pushing the buggy was taking up the entire sidewalk and moving at the speed of a turtle. I checked out the buggy as it was way bigger than mine and the girl in it was sitting up and she looked a little old to sit in a pram. Mommy told me it was not a pram but a wheelchair and it was not a big girl sitting in it but an old lady. Mommy said it is sad when when old people sit in a wheelchair (or anyone for that matter) and that you must always show the most respect. However mommy then said this was an exception as the lady pushing the wheelchair was a pain (not the lady in/nor the wheelchair!). So mommy decided she had to step on it and somehow overtake them. I felt a little jolt as she stepped up speed. Feeling I was in for a race, I started swinging my arms saying: “Go mommy go! Run Forest run!!” So mommy walked a little faster with me swinging my arms in the air like crazy and overtaking the lady and the wheelchair. And we won the race! I think mommy needs to work on some patience issues… And they call me impatient when I scream because I don’t get my milk on time!

So we got to this agency and we chatted with a very nice lady who said I was very cute. There was so much going on that I was very busy looking around over mommy’s shoulder.  Several ladies came up to me to pinch my chubby cheeks. So that was fun. Anyway the nice lady said that I should come back for a photo shoot. Mommy said she needs to think about it as she does not want to turn into one of these casting marathon moms. So let’s see, maybe my schmodel career could take off!

After that we joined mommy’s friends for lunch at ‘Chez Coco’ It is THE new cool place in Barcelona and their specialty is chicken and duck. Mommy had gratin cauliflower as a starter and duck as a main. She finished her plate in no time so it must have been good. I enjoyed my milk and the decor, especially at the entrance, I thought I went to pastel cake heaven! 


Plus they were very cool and accommodating about having me as a baby there. There are no nappy changing facilities but mommy changed me on the floor in the very big and clean disabled toilet. No worries, he always has a changing mat with her. And sometimes we have to rough it, especially in fancy places.

I was happy to go home after such a long and fun day, take my bath, have my milk and dream of nice fluffy pink colored cakes.

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Where are my sunglasses?!

We spent the day (daddy, mommy, Gustav and moi) by the seaside today! Yep, we have the luxury to do that since the beach is so close in Barcelona!

Mommy and I went to the local market to buy fish and vegetables and all the market ladies were all over me! Mommy wanted to introduce me as she has been shopping there for years and they had all asked daddy a few weeks ago when they would get to meet me. Just to make sure they all remember me, I smiled a ton and then cried a ton when we left. I guess that made an impression as they were screaming: “Ah Tessa we can hear you, nena”. Hehehe, I do know how to stick in people’s minds.

It is still a tad chilly to debut my bikini but boy the sun is SHI-NING!! I was like yikes, I can see the light, I can see the light but I couldn’t see shit with all that light in my eyes!
As we walked mommy kept on moving and adjusting the parasol that goes with my stroller but we decided that was a pain. Mommy needs to work on that one! Then mommy put on my little summer hat which it is still too big so it kept on covering my eyes (and then I really couldn’t see shit!). That annoyed me because I like to see what is going on.

Conclusion is, I need sunglasses! And I need funky ones! I tried on my mommy’s Balenciaga’s but she laughed and said they are way too big. I am not so sure I agree. And then I tried on her Aviator Raybans. But mommy did not seem convinced either. What do you think?

Do these look big on me?!          Sexy and I know it!

Thank goodness I remembered Auntie K from NY told us about Janie and Jack who have (listen to this) OVERSIZED baby sunglasses!! I want I want! So I have been whining, crying and eventually smiling through my tears when mommy FINALLY got it that I want a pair of oversized white or pink Janie and Jack sunglasses. Not to start a trend but they are the hottest ones on the market. You can judge for yourself and maybe help me pick the color! Can’t wait to get these! 🙂


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Bedtime routine

Mommy hopes we’re not going to jinx things this way but hey it’s my favorite time of the day and I do sleep until 6.30 or even til 7.30am some days. Sorry, so yes I have said it and mommy thinks we might get some envious babies (and mommies) on our backs.

So here goes my daily bedtime routine:

6.30 to 7pm: mommy tells me she is going to prepare my bath and put me in my crib so I can look at my vintage farm animals mobile. Sometimes I am quiet but sometimes I will not be able to contain my excitement and cry with anticipation. I’ll stop as soon as mommy puts me down on my changing table to undress me and tells me:”ahhhh, ohhhh, bath time! Il est temps pour le petit bain!”. She will then carry my to my bath and before laying me in it she will wet my back a little so I know what’s coming. I have one of these nice little hamacs. Not in plastic but the ones in towel cloth. However mommy always will hold me passing her arm below my back and holding my arm. She wets my hair and washes it with shampoo by Mustela. Then she will wash my face with water and with a washcloth she’ll use for my face only. I love that thing! I’ll try lick it, put it in my mouth and it makes me laugh so much! Then she will wash my neck and body with Mustela Bodywash. We like Mustela products because they are paraben-free! She’ll wash my feet-ees because they are like smelly cheesies! Then she’ll turn me around, wash my back, my bumbum. Then makes sure she rinses everything off well while I check myself out in the mirror. I love checking myself out in the mirror and stick my tongue out! Then mommy wraps me in my Aden + Anais swaddle (she likes those as they are soft to pat me dry and dry better than towel).

We then make it back to my room and the changing table and it is time for my bedtime… massage!! Yes, a full body massage! Who needs to go the Soneva Gili?! Mommy uses organic sweet almond oil or organic coconut oil (depending on which one tickles my fancy schmancy). Then she puts some Weleda Baby Calendula Facial Cream all over my face and earlobes (I sometimes have a little baby eczema, hey, no one is perfect). We finish the beauty ritual with some Mustela diaper cream. I get dressed in fresh clean soft pyjamas, a little dash of Eau d’Hadrien by Annick Goutal (no N.5 by Chanel, I ain’t no Marilyn!) and last but not least, a nice warm bottle of milk (by latest 8pm)

Then mommy winds me and reads a little story. Lately it’s “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. When I am tired I’ll start crying. When I get put in my cot I start crying as well, which means I want another little walk and a little look around in our home. THEN I’ll go to sleep after another long and fun day! Zzzzzzzzzzz…

PS: mommy will wake me again at 11pm for a last bottle for the road. By that time I am usually out of it and I’ll gulp the whole thing down while dreaming of pink fluffy elephants. And that my friend is the secret to keeping me going til the morning. 

PSPS: At least has been working most night for the last 2 months, but I’ll have to admit, not every night.

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My 3rd month day!

I turned 3 months on April 8th! Yipppeeee kaaa yeay!!

I have been so busy these last 3 months and growing so much I almost feel like I have been around for, like, 6 entire months!

For some reason, we always end up going to the pediatrician around my month day and get this. I grew 5cm in one month! I now measure 60cm! And I put on 900 grams so that takes me to a 5.9kg. One healthy 3 month old baby, baby!

The pediatrician checked my head, my tummy but then, Oops da biatch did it again! She pinched me in my cute soft rosy bottom. Did not like that AT ALL! So obviously I screamed murder. Mommy managed to calm me down quite quickly and explained that this was a vaccination called Prevenar13. It is not compulsory in Spain but it is in Northern countries. Mommy said better safe than sorry. Prevenar13 protects against pneumonia, meningitis and severe cases of otitis so good for babies that travel or go to kindergarden later on. Apparently this is the first shot out of 4 so I am bracing myself. (Note to self: work charms to distract pediatrician from giving more vaccinations.)

In any case I don’t like that kind of surprises. I thought surprises on your month day come in the form of cake or toys?!

I was happy to get my bath and go to bed early that night.

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Auntie K Starlet from NEW YORK

Well hello there!! I have been a very busy baby lately. Mommy has been talking to me about Auntie K Starlet (auntie K to keep it short) for aaaaages and guess what, I finally not only got to meet her but I also got to spend an entire 5 days with her!! Auntie K and mommy used to be up to no good in NYC but now only auntie K is up to no good in NYC!

And oh boy did we have a BLAST! A-hah gurlfriend! We went out for ladies lunches, walks, shopping til we was a-dropping and more fun fun fun. I had not seen mommy laugh as much, ever! And this ‘cutie patoutie’ was in stitches constantly as well.

Auntie K kept on calling me ‘cutie patoutie’ and I kept on looking at her saying “that ain’t my name lady! I ain’t cutie patouti, you got me all mixed up with someone else’. But she kept on calling me that so in the end she just had me in stitches all the time. (Oh and I figured it was a little nickname for cute babies 🙂 )

Since mommy was always going on about: “And when Auntie K comes, this. And when Auntie K comes, that.” I wanted to make sure I made quite an impression on mommy’s bestie. So her first night home, I screamed as loud as I could! Auntie K and mommy joked they should maybe give me some valium but they didn’t. Pfew, think that would have been a baaaaaad mix with ma milk! Eventually mommy told me that was not exactly the kind of impression we wanted to make on Auntie K. So I toned it down and switched to smiling and cooing a lot.

We did so much I don’t even know where to begin! So I’ll just begin with ALL THE COOL PRESSIES SHE GOT ME FROM NY!! She brought me a gorgeous dress by Ralph Lauren with beautiful pastel colored squares and matching bloomers. Then she got me 2 ADORABLE bubbles from Janie and Jack ( She says she loves what they do and the quality is amazing and I can’t do but agree! I have attached some pictures so you can see how spoiled I was, and what a little fashionista I will look like!

Obviously we went shopping. We had our lady lunch at Casa Paloma ( We talked for hours. I mean Carrie Bradshaw… eat your heart out! Auntie K and I also spent a lot of time at home. We had some serious girl talks and fun. She told me I could come visit her in New York (which put a big smile on my face) and she would take me to Central Park (which made me smile even more) then she said she I might meet a boy (which made me giggle) and then she said… I could give him a kiss (at which point I squeaked like I never had before!) but she said nothing more than a kiss! Doesn’t take much more to convince this baby!

Auntie K and I also had a lot of one-to-one talks that I prefer to keep private (mommy does not have to know everything, right?!). We also made a Hollywood movie on Auntie K’s iPad!! I luuuuurve the iPad (hint Daddy! Mommy! Granny, ANYONE?!) I think our movie will get an Oscar nomination and I think I have a good chance of winning. Meryl Streep your Oscar days are counted lady! 

Auntie K was so funny! She kept on saying to mommy: “I don’t want no damn champagne!” and I kept on telling her in my aguhh agoohh language: “Gurl! Of course you don’t want no damn champagne, you want milk!”

Anyways, the 5 days went by flying and so far this is by FAR the most fun I have had! I miss my Auntie K (and I think so does mommy). But we look at the pictures and watch my Oscar winning movie and then we laugh. 

So now I dream of:

These Streets Will Make You Feel Brand New
Big Lights Will Inspire You
Hear It For New York, New York, New York!

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Baby Gym (take 2!)

I am beginning to L-O-V-E my baby gym!! The matter was a little forced upon me but I had a great motivation, well TWO great motivations actually!
First of all, summer is approaching and this girl wants to look like one hawt baby this summer. Second of all, Mommy keeps on saying she wants to “eat me up alive” and I don’t know what kind of crazy talk she is babbling on about but I prefer to take my precautions! So this gurl has been werking it! I am now kicking the monkey in da butt so his lights and crazy sounds go off. I have been shaking the lion like crazy, not to mention the whale! AND I can check myself out in the mirror any time to make sure I am getting all the moves right (plus I just like to have a quick reminder of how gorgeous I am 😉 )

At first I only liked spending a few minutes in my babygym but now, I can spend HOURS! Ok not hours but maaaaaany minutes! And on top of it, I am loving it and squealing with joy. Mommy is my personal trainer and now and then I do throw her a right one and a left one in the face when she comes too close (gotta keep a safe distance and things clear…remember the eating up alive bit!) It makes mommy laugh and encourage me like crazy, isn’t that ironic?! I have also started working my abs, so each time mommy picks me up from my crib or gym, I actually start lifting my torso slightly. Gotta work those crunches! Hellooooo six pack by the summer! I think that little white and beige polka dot bikini will look pretty pretty good on me!

So in short, I highly recommend the Tiny Love “Monkey Island” playmat girls and boys!
Ok gotta run and work out some more!

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My first trip (by aeroplane!)

I am officially a jet setter people! I just came back from my first trip! Mommy took me to see Parrain (mommy’s daddy) for a week. Daddy and Gustav dropped us off at the airport. We had a lot of luggage. My Buggabee, my Maxi Cosi, a BIG suitcase mostly filled with little outfits for me to wear, the Baby Bjorn and moi! Since it was just mommy and me travelling we decided to take our time and take it easy! We went through some security machine at customs. All the custom people were very kind to me and saying what a little thing I was. Then we ransacked the duty free. I kid, I kid. I was very tempted but mommy said she had too much to schlep around already. But I did like the duty free. Before we made it to the plane mommy fed me. We then had to get on a bus (which mommy was not very happy about since no one even offered a hand to help with the stroller or offer their seat). When we got on the bus there was a HUGE plane and we had to climb the stairs. Mommy handed me over to a nice stewardess lady while mommy gave up the maxi cosi and stroller. We then went to our seat by the window! Then we were given a special belt for me and one funky bright yellow safety jacket just for me too.  The man sitting next to us did not look so delighted and mommy kept on saying I keep on being such a good girl. I wonder why?! I thought people love babies! We took off and mommy said we were now where the angels who watch over me while I sleep, live. So I felt really safe and took a nap. When I woke, I looked at the inflight magazine and mommy showed me all the images. I found it all very fascinating. Around landing time mommy gave me more food. Yum yum what a treat! Once we were on the ground mommy kept on telling me what a good baby girl I had been. The man sitting next to us agreed and finally smiled. Mommy’s cousin, Uncle Toffee picked us up from the airport. It was the first time I met him and his rather VERY tall girlfriend. We immediately hit it off and I slept in the car. When we got to Parrain’s home everybody was very excited to see me but by that time I was very tired and ready for bed. Mommy and Auntie Pickel (another of mommy’s cousins) gave me the bath. Then they put me in bed. However that was not my bed! I was so tired I did not mind for once. So there you have it, in a nutshell, my first flight 🙂

More details of my trip to come soon!

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