Working Girl!

Move over Kate, Gisele, Heidi, Naomi and co! There is a new face in town!

Mommy was told by friends who have an events/advertising company that I am so darn cute and funny that she should sign me up in a ‘people’s’ agency. No need to tell my mama that twice cause off we raced to the people agency! And race we did. We were running a little late as mommy made me look my best, fed me and on the way out, oh-uuuuh… poopoo!

So as we were fast walking down the street another lady pushing a really big different looking buggy was blocking the way. I saw that mommy was getting annoyed rather quickly as the lady pushing the buggy was taking up the entire sidewalk and moving at the speed of a turtle. I checked out the buggy as it was way bigger than mine and the girl in it was sitting up and she looked a little old to sit in a pram. Mommy told me it was not a pram but a wheelchair and it was not a big girl sitting in it but an old lady. Mommy said it is sad when when old people sit in a wheelchair (or anyone for that matter) and that you must always show the most respect. However mommy then said this was an exception as the lady pushing the wheelchair was a pain (not the lady in/nor the wheelchair!). So mommy decided she had to step on it and somehow overtake them. I felt a little jolt as she stepped up speed. Feeling I was in for a race, I started swinging my arms saying: “Go mommy go! Run Forest run!!” So mommy walked a little faster with me swinging my arms in the air like crazy and overtaking the lady and the wheelchair. And we won the race! I think mommy needs to work on some patience issues… And they call me impatient when I scream because I don’t get my milk on time!

So we got to this agency and we chatted with a very nice lady who said I was very cute. There was so much going on that I was very busy looking around over mommy’s shoulder.  Several ladies came up to me to pinch my chubby cheeks. So that was fun. Anyway the nice lady said that I should come back for a photo shoot. Mommy said she needs to think about it as she does not want to turn into one of these casting marathon moms. So let’s see, maybe my schmodel career could take off!

After that we joined mommy’s friends for lunch at ‘Chez Coco’ It is THE new cool place in Barcelona and their specialty is chicken and duck. Mommy had gratin cauliflower as a starter and duck as a main. She finished her plate in no time so it must have been good. I enjoyed my milk and the decor, especially at the entrance, I thought I went to pastel cake heaven! 


Plus they were very cool and accommodating about having me as a baby there. There are no nappy changing facilities but mommy changed me on the floor in the very big and clean disabled toilet. No worries, he always has a changing mat with her. And sometimes we have to rough it, especially in fancy places.

I was happy to go home after such a long and fun day, take my bath, have my milk and dream of nice fluffy pink colored cakes.

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